Our experience in #drupaldevdays Szeged 2014

During this week part of our team attended Drupal Developer Days in Szeged. As we explained, we are very proud to be recurrent attendees of Drupal Developer Days conferences, and this year we started to be more deeply involved in the Drupal project sprints. It was a very cool experience and a very good oportunitty to sit together with some of the more influencing developers in the community, working and learning with them. As a summary, we want to share with you all our impressions and work during this conference.

Pedro has been sprinting on i18n migrations with penyaskito and with the onsite help of chx and benjy. There’s a great progress on the roadmap for the feature, there’s a META issue in the IMP sandbox that is worth following for this matter: https://drupal.org/node/2208401

Additionally he’s also been present in the Search API for Drupal 8 sprints, working with the UI features, kudos to Nick_vh and Thomas Seidl for leading this initiative.

The session Drupal 8 Undercover initiatives had good feedback and you can check the slide set in http://pcambra.github.io/d8undercover/.

Of course, pcambra was caught in a photo pointing at things as usual - this time by dasjo.

Rodrigo has been trying to help with the multilingual initiative on whatever fell into his hands and ended up focusing on tours. With the invaluable help of yesCT he came in contact with outimun who needed help with a new tour for the multilingual interface because it turns out that a lot of effort has been made to land tours into core but only one exists for the views UI module so… tour all the things!

About the sessions he has been very impressed by the one to get people involved into contribution by Cathy Theys and he looks forward to apply those tips to his local community. On the technical side, the sessions about Drupal 8 start to sound a little less like Chinese and with every session he ends up very impressed about what Drupal 8 is going to become.

Ramon has been working on i18n migration issues, making possible to migrate language negotiation configuration from a drupal 6 site to drupal 8. Thanks to David Hernandez for doing pair programming and also pcambra and penyaskito for leading this set of issues inside the initiative and their help to go ahead. He has been working on Field API too, making some patches to transform user fields to the new formatters with a very good introduction by Wim Leers. He did pair programming with Mateu fixing some tests on related issues for shortcut links migration to the new widget stuff.

He also assisted to a lot of D8 sessions like FieldAPI by swentel (a very cool and very explanatory session to make his knowledge about this initiative wider), entity API by fago or a workshop about content driven development by tobias stöckler a very interesting one to understand and relate everything from the talks.

Cristina has attended to various sessions, but the most important thing to her has been attending to the sprints with frontend people. She made some rerolls and small patches which allowed her to get more in touch with the D8 twig environment. The most noteworthy for her, however, is that she has met some people really involved (Lewis and Emma) and this has removed a big barrier. On Drupal Developer Days in Dublin she learned how to contribute to core, this time she has met the people that is doing it possible.

Finally I’m very glad to have been helping on the frontend Sprint tackling twig and styleguide issues, rerolling patches, revisioning, modifying tests and learning a lot while doing it. I’ve met a lot of frontend people who worked together all the week very hard to battle Drupal divitis and making drupal.org improvements. Kudos to all of them, specially to Lewis Nyman for leading the sprint on site and assistance to all the sprinters taking into account there were a lot of us.

I was also able to see the javascript session by nod_ where he demonstrates the world of javascript changes in Drupal 8, and another session about SiteEffect.io, an interesting frontend testing tool by Timm Jansen.

In summary all of us are enjoying a lot these Drupal Developer Days, discovering the hungarian culture and the lovely city that Szeged is.

All of our expectations have been fulfilled, especially thanks to the organization staff. Drupal developers days Szeged 2014 have been an awesome Drupal event that we’ll never forget.

You can find a lot of great photos about the event in the Drupal Developer Days flickr account.