We were at Drupal Camp London this weekend and it was a blast!

This weekend three of us were around the fantastic Drupal Camp London in the City University where more than 500 drupalist coming from UK and diverse places in Europe were discussing and talking about Drupal for three days.

We participated in the CxO event, code sprints and attended some great sessions such as:

  • The keynote by Mark O'Neill exposed the case of the platform data.gov.uk and how open sourcing the platform and development to the wider community was a huge success. All the tools and services are available publicly in a github repo: https://github.com/alphagov. There wasn't a lot of Drupalisms in the talk but the part of building Big data support using open source tools such as "ckan" was really interesting.
  • A whole new world for multilingual sites in Drupal 8: Gábor Hojtsy outlined the multilanguage eco system in Drupal 7, highlighting the main issues and how Drupal 8 fixes all these problems, then he demoed some essential modules included in Drupal core and showed how to configure them.
  • Theming in Drupal 8: TWIG: Morten's sessions are always a good show. This one related the current problems the frontend developers face when working with Drupal and how most of this issues will be solved by the integration of Twig in Drupal 8. According to his words, fronteds will stop to be the slave of the backend developers to be a free soul, being able to focus on their interests, theming HTML and CSS for their pages.
  • Authentication in Drupal 8: Juampy started with the differences between authentication and authorization by making the comparison with a discotheque bouncer asking for ID and then he made an overview of the whole process internally. Finally, he showed how the code in Drupal 8 will look like and how to use it with REST.

Additionally Pedro Cambra presented a session on Drupal 8 Undercover initiatives with really good feedback.

The slides are already online in: http://pcambra.github.io/d8undercover

We enjoyed a well organised and well timed CxO event on Friday, where all sort of topics were covered:

  • Gábor Hojtsy made a presentation about why is important to care about Drupal 8 and the benefits of early adopting or fostering the participation on Drupal core for developers of the attending companies. The talk was completely aligned with our own objectives as we try to contribute back and be as up to date as we can possibly be by doing monthly sprints or maintaining Drupal modules.
  • Megan Sanicki, the Drupal Association associate director presented how the DA is growing to be more useful for the enterprise side of the Drupal community and what the future plans are, one of those happens to be opening a branch in the United Kingdom to assist European companies and events.

  • The talk about UX by Giles Colborne was an interesting experience and we could see how they apply UX patterns and solutions for specific parts of websites, having a good strategy and measuring everything.

  • The technical side on us had a really good time watching how James Dodd and Ed Weatherby from Cancer Research UK are implementing great testing techniques and hitting some sensitive topics such as the role of a Business analyst in an agile project.

We then split into groups to tackle the most common pains of the attending companis, such as client relationships, organising work or attract talent. It was a fun experience and we could see how most agencies and Drupal businesses, no matter the size, are suffering the same problems and reaching mostly the same conclusions and solutions, we learned a lot and we really liked the unconference style. The members of the team were familiar with the format as we helped to organise the Drupal CxO event in Barcelona last year.

Ymbra was also sponsoring the event and one of the coffee shifts, when we raffled a really cute, hand knitted, Drupal plushie on twitter, Karen was the happy winner of the toy as we could document for posterity:

The event had a great outcome for us, we had really interesting business and technical conversations and we hope to see you all in the forthcoming events in the UK such as Drupalcamp North East, Drupalcamp Scotland or Drupalcamp Yokrshire, all coming up in the following months.

If you're looking for a Drupal technology partner, drop us an email to hola@ymbra.com, our team will be happy to assist you.