Ymbra: one year

Ymbra today celebrates its first anniversary as a company, fighting for a place in the world of companies specialized in Drupal. Despite being few companies of its kind in the Catalan market, statewide begins to have a large number but very distant from the number of companies in Northern Europe. Although this was our first year, we have not been idle ...

At the production level, we have done several consultancy projects for clients like Nantic, GPF Ioga school Sanatana Dharma, development projects such as a portal for a foundation called Benestic and projects that will see the light soon as the web strategy and user experience company's Web Optimyzet, the new website of the Centre de Supercomputació de Catalunya (Supercomputing Center of Catalonia) with an Intranet (in Drupal 7), the private agency's website Barrena Carmona (also in Drupal 7) and Barcelona Developer Conference 2011's web (other Drupal 7). Besides, in terms of maintenance, we worked with the following clients: Garalgroup, Tattoo-sum, Paradís, and the foundation El camí.

But in the Drupal world is not just production but community has a special component. That's why we moved as much as we could (and this year we will do). For example, we have been in the series of talks on Drupal organized by workbox in Pamplona in late 2010 and have also been on the Drupal Dev Days in Brussels where, among other things, we were working on an i18n sprint to migrate this module to Drupal 7. Besides all this, in our day to day, we have contributed patches to various projects such as Date, Views, Localization Update, Simplenews, i18n, among others. Along with this, and not but not least important, we have helped a lot in the Catalan translation of Drupal translating various modules.

As regards the organization of events and sponsorship, this year we organized and sponsorized the Drupal 7 release party in Barcelona, and also we are working together with other companies and Drupal.cat in organizing a full-time professionals Drupal day. Besides all this, our contribution to Drupal.cat has increased and we will try that next year will be even greater.

Well, this is the summary of our first year under the name of Ymbra. Hopefully the first of many more to come!

Long live Drupal!