Why are we attending to Drupal Developer Days in Szeged (and why you should too)

Since its inception, Ymbra has taken very seriously to get involved in community by all possible means and it is for this reason that we have always been present in as many drupal events as possible, being Drupal Camps in Spain and Drupal Developer Days mandatory (so if if you have attended to any drupal event in Europe you are likely to have met any of us!). And since attendance is not enough for us, we have tried to get involved in those events in many different ways: as sponsors, presenting sessions when possible, and contributing in sprints.

So, yes, you were right: there will be a good representation of our staff in upcoming Drupal Developer Days in Szeged which will be contributing to sprints and there will be a session by Pedro "Drupal 8: Undercover initiatives"! In this post you'll know a little bit better the staff that is going to join such a gathering of drupal developers to make our favorite software and community better and what are their reasons to do so. So please, if you find us in Szeged let us know so we can have a nice chat togethter!

Pako emphasizes the importance of being part of the sprints that take place next to the sessions:

Going to the Drupal Developer Days is like a tradition for all of us: since most of were involved in the 2012 edition, this event has become a highlighted opportunity to gain a lot of Drupal knowledge by the hand of the best drupalers, and above all enjoy making grow the Drupal community.
Despite we couldn't stay much in last year's edition in Dublin we had the opportunity to start helping in Drupal 8 development and we loved it! So this year four of us will spend five days in Szeged and our intention is to attend to the sprints and spend more time coding to the Drupal 8 development.
Particulary Cristina and me will assist to the frontend sprint helping to the Twig and Mobile initiatives, with the intention of rewriting as much as markup and CSS in Drupal core as possible.

Ramon highlights the opportunity to improve our technicall skills at the same time we improve drupal technically:

It is really important for me that all ymbra's staff and myself attend to Drupal Developer days in order to acquire and share technical knowledge that we can use in our everyday work. After all this is the event where the future of Drupal is being cooked and where you can see, learn and above all, help, in making this come true. Additionally it is a good moment to improve our technical skills and work side-by-side with the best Drupal experts in the world at the same time that we put in our two cents in this project.


Rodrigo points out the importance of social aspects, after all Drupal Dev Days are not all about coding:

Ymbra is making things easier for the employees who want to attend drupal dev days 2014 in Szeged and I'm very grateful for it because as a drupal developer is the number one event to be.

Being there the whole week means that I can focus a lot on the sprints and sessions that are going to happen there, mostly for  the new and shiny version of drupal. Having the chance to work along the best developers in the drupal world is truly amazing.

I'm also volunteering because I've been told is the best way to get in touch with more people and I have the feeling that I owe this to the community, another way to show that is not everything about the code in the free software community.

And don't forget to mention that I've never been to Hungary and I look forward to visit the beautiful city of Szeged, if you are not convinced just watch this video

Cristina sees an opportunity demonstrate that contributing to Drupal core is not only a matter of a few chosen developers but anyone can (and should) contribute to it, even frontends like herself:

The goal of attending to the sprint is to meet other Drupal frontends, and introduce ourselves and learn as much as possible about the core of Drupal 8. We want that this experience allows us to erase part of the initial difficulty of contributing to the core and end up with more contributions and more involved.

Pedro points out the singularities of Drupal Developer Days amongst other Drupal events:

Having attended to Drupal Developer Days since its 2011's edition in Brussels and having helped in the organization of Barcelona's edition next year, I personally think that this is the Drupal event which is more interesting to me from a technical point of view. Usually Camps and camps-like events have quite a rigid format, limited to weekends. Dev days, however, are one of the few dates on the calendar that allow you to collaborate with other developers, contribute in multiple Drupal aspects and learn together with docens of drupalistas day and night during a whole week. I'm going to Dev days to contribute Drupal, and you?

So, you know why are we attending Drupal Developer Days. What are your reasons? Did we forget any important one?


PS: and yes, you're right, I won't be attending this time but I'll be following the event from the distance. So please keep your social networks' burning!