What a Frontend United journey!

This past weekend in København occurred the Frontend United, the most important frontend event in the Drupal community, and Cristina and me could be there enjoying a lot.

First of all I must to say how nice visit København has been, it's a beautiful city where you can go everywhere using a bike and it's full of interesting places and kind people.

We visited the center of the city and enjoyed walking across its parks, visited the Botanic Museum and discovered its his cool restaurants and the good Danish beer.

The event began on Friday afternoon with a Ladder focused on contributing to in Drupal 8 where there were twenty Drupalers at least. Mortendk, as the main host of the event, led the efforts of the sprinters and we tried to contribute in some issues as well as meeting the attendees.

Saturday was the main day of the event, and as such, it was full of interesting sessions:

  • Kenneth Auchenberg did the kick off with his session talking about how hard is frontend developers' every-day life and the many difficulties we find in order to be able to test our work in all the platforms or browsers.

  • Continuing with the focus on the frontend developer workflow Chris Ruppel presented, in an awesome session and with a lot of examples, how testing and performance tools (like CasperJS, Phantom, Grunt, etc) works and how it can help us to improve our final delivery to the client, getting us more control about the state of the features during the process of development.

  • Still with eye on the code, Steve De Jonghe in his talk through the nature of JavaScript language, showed the basics from scratch and provided a lot of tips and tricks to know better this language.

  • After lunch came one of Cristina's favourite sessions of the event by the hand of Zélia Sakhi, who spoke about the job of a designer nowadays and the environment who envelopes him, all the misunderstanding that affect her life and what should be her mission in the team. It was a session full of empathy moments by of all attendees, for example the WTF figure of what an Art Director is.

  • In his session, Mortendk complained as usual about the ugly markup and explained how our lifes will be better using Drupal 8, showing all its improvements. He also explained how Drupal is going to introduce the «consensus banana», that will let us decide if we want to use default markup and classes or use our own.

  • A very spectacular session with a lot of visual examples was the session of Zaidin Amiot, who spoke about how the code can be transformed in shapes and movement.

  • A perfect ending was Lewis Nyman's session where he shared his experience during the last three years designing inside an open source project like Drupal, which made all the attendees think deeply about that.

To summarize, it was a very complete day of sessions with a lot of interesting information about all the branches of the frontend world.

Finally a last sprint session coding was a perfect plan for the rainy sunday.

My last thought is that even after having attended a lot of Drupal events, each event serves to figure out how big and awesome Drupalers are.

Hope see you soon and remember... contribute HARDER!