We were at DrupalCamp Spain Valencia 2014 and it was awesome

We were in Valencia from May 16th to 18th to attend DrupalCamp Spain 2014. It was our 5th DrupalCamp Spain as sponsors and attendees since our foundation as a company, and it was the second one with at least more than half of our team doing a session. These are our impressions about this awesome event.

On Friday 16th, Ramon attended the Drupal Business Day, a CxO like day to share knowledge with other Drupal shops from Spain, and even some from the rest of Europe. The day was split in two: one part was dedicated to UX, Agile methodologies and a Drupal case study about tourism, and after that an open space with different sessions for sharing our management experience with other Drupal companies.

The rest of the team, Cristina, Pako, Rodrigo and Carlos spent all Friday on the Drupal sprint contributing to Drupal 8 continuing with the great experience of Drupal Developer Days Szeged where we already attended a full week of sprints.

On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th we spent all the weekend attending different Drupal sessions with regular visits the code sprint room. We even had some time to present serveral talks:

Ramon presented the new goodies of JavaScript in D8, and shared his knowledge about this technology: best practices and common mistakes.

Carlos presented Scrum: a retrospective in which explained how we use Scrum in our everyday work at the office and what lessons (both, good and to-be-improved) have we learnt from this experience.

Cristina and Pako presented Estrategia RWD en Drupal and exposed how to plan the RWD implementation in a drupal project and wich tools can we use on each case. Here is the link http://pakmanlh.github.io/dcspain2014RWD/#2

Rodrigo got involved in the event joining the team of volunteers, helping to make DrupalCamp really successful in terms of organization as well.

We want to thank the Valencian community for putting together this event and taking care of us during all the weekend. It was really cool to hang out with all the attendees and we hope that next Drupal Camp will be even better!