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Ramon Vilar

Doctors Without Borders for Spain

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) for Spain is one of the most important NGOs in the world dedicated to medical and health aid in areas of conflict or disaster. A year ago Ymbra was commissioned to design the architecture and build a system that would allow them to solve three major shortcomings that had the following characteristics:

  • Administer the public website with a content management system that allows high customization of every page.
  • A platform for creating fundraising forms connected to their corporate CRM.
  • A profile
  • ...
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Ramon Vilar

Website for Viladecans council 2011-2015 term

This year, in addition to the regular magazine to show to the citizens all the projects performed during the last term, Viladecans council wanted to enrich the experience with the “Tu ets Viladecans” campaign. It includes a website showing all the projects performed sorted by scope and a profile where the project is focused to find the correct information easier.


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