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Rodrigo Aguilera

Creating default content for easier testing on Drupal 8

While working with Drupal 7 we had some development workflows that worked very well for us and now we want to adapt those workflows to the new major version of Drupal.

One of this "development features" as you may call them was the possibility of having some predefined content that can be recreated at any time to test the site. For example you don't have to worry about creating new users that represent the different roles every time you set up a fresh site, they will be there.

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Rodrigo Aguilera

How to skip node access issues during a cron process

Few days ago in Ymbra we had a challenge about how to load Drupal 7 entities during a cron job. The main issue here is that cron doesn't run with enough credentials and we need higher permissions to perform some operations.

Those entities had user access restrictions in place and when cron runs as anonymous user (even if you trigger it logged in as the user with id=1) those restrictions were respected and we weren't able to load our entity content to be later sent in an email.

So what can we do to run cron as Drupal admin?

In a...

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Rodrigo Aguilera

Allow users to follow each other with views and flag with drupal

With this tutorial we're going to add social network features to any Drupal 7 website just by using flag and views.

There are modules like relation that can provide a similar functionality out of the box. However, we are aiming for a more flexible workflow that we could modify easily with a few clicks and that provides much more granular permissions.

First of all, we need to install Drupal 7 with the modules we need:

  • Views (
  • ...
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