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Ramon Vilar

We were at DrupalCamp Spain Valencia 2014 and it was awesome

We were in Valencia from May 16th to 18th to attend DrupalCamp Spain 2014. It was our 5th DrupalCamp Spain as sponsors and attendees since our foundation as a company, and it was the second one with at least more than half of our team doing a session. These are our impressions about this awesome event.

On Friday 16th, Ramon attended the Drupal Business Day, a CxO like day to share knowledge with other Drupal shops from Spain, and even some from the rest of Europe. The day was split in two: one part was dedicated to UX, Agile...

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Carlos Cámara

Why are we attending to Drupal Developer Days in Szeged (and why you should too)

Since its inception, Ymbra has taken very seriously to get involved in community by all possible means and it is for this reason that we have always been present in as many drupal events as possible, being Drupal Camps in Spain and Drupal Developer Days mandatory (so if if you have attended to any drupal event in Europe you are likely to have met any of us!). And since attendance is not enough for us, we have tried to get involved in those events in many different ways: as sponsors, presenting...

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Ramon Vilar

We were at Drupal Camp London this weekend and it was a blast!

This weekend three of us were around the fantastic Drupal Camp London in the City University where more than 500 drupalist coming from UK and diverse places in Europe were discussing and talking about Drupal for three days.

We participated in the CxO event, code sprints and attended some great sessions such as:

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Carlos Cámara

November's Contribution day

One of the things I like the most of working at Ymbra is its commitment to drupal community and its values. One example of its commitment are the so-called "contribution days" that are celebrated last friday of every month in which every staff member changes their regular work at ymbra with something of their interest that has to improve drupal or opensource community. Although they have been held for quite some time, last November's edition was quite different from previous experiences: instead of spending some time to search something in drupal's issue queue in...

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Carlos Cámara

Maps and Drupal - DrupalCampSpain 2013

During the weekend of 26th and 27th October all Ymbra's staff headed to Drupal Camp Spain 2013 that took place in Cáceres. It was a great event (well organized, with many interesting sessions and a good opportunity to meet old and new drupalistas) in which most of the team made a presentation. Mine was about maps and drupal, and that's what I want to talk about in this blog post.


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Ramon Vilar

Introduction to GIT

Last thursday 8th March, within the context of's sessions, I made a brief introduction to GIT, the control version system used in project management in

As promised you can find the presentation as well as a brief introductory handbook I wrote in order to provide further explanations a some of the concepts that I mentioned on the workshop. que vaig escriure per explicar una mica més algun terme que al taller vaig passar molt per sobre. I have also linked a series of recommended introductory...

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Miguel Ordóñez

Views 3: what's new?

Yesterday I made a presentation on Views 3 within the context of's sessions. On my presentation I have an overview of some of the new features included on this version which include practical examples such as:

  • Views in backoffice
  • Image galleries
  • Calendars
  • Slideshows

I enjoyed a lot my first presentation at and I hope to make more of them in the future.

You can see the slides at ...


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