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Nacho Salvador

How to verify that your code conforms to the coding standards

Coding standards or programming style describes a set of rules by convention to guide us how to write code. Basically, this set of rules describes how to format code regarding indentation, variable names, conditional sentences, etc.

This way the code of a project is more homogenized so it allows the people participating in a project easily understandable.

Drupal also has his own coding standard to develop and contribute modules. When we’re coding trying to follow this...

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Cristina Chumillas

Responsive images with art direction in Drupal

A few months ago I realized how lucky we are in Drupal for the solution we have for responsive images. I reviewed the different automated tools for Responsive Images outside Drupal when I was looking for documentation for a Responsive Web Design talk. I saw there are many great solutions, but few of them incorporate the concept of artistic direction, or in other words the ability to decide how the images should be adapted to each device.

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Rodrigo Aguilera

Creating default content for easier testing on Drupal 8

While working with Drupal 7 we had some development workflows that worked very well for us and now we want to adapt those workflows to the new major version of Drupal.

One of this "development features" as you may call them was the possibility of having some predefined content that can be recreated at any time to test the site. For example you don't have to worry about creating new users that represent the different roles every time you set up a fresh site, they will be there.

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