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Nacho Salvador

How to verify that your code conforms to the coding standards

Coding standards or programming style describes a set of rules by convention to guide us how to write code. Basically, this set of rules describes how to format code regarding indentation, variable names, conditional sentences, etc.

This way the code of a project is more homogenized so it allows the people participating in a project easily understandable.

Drupal also has his own coding standard to develop and contribute modules. When we’re coding trying to follow this...

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Rodrigo Aguilera

Test JavaScript interactions with Behat

Following the series Mercè started and the talks I have been giving I wanted to write a bit more about Behat and some niceties that I learned on the way.

One of the main points people get interested on Behat is not only because you can use natural language to describe and test your application but also because all the tests are able to run in a real browser.

Let’s make an overview of the main pieces available to achieve a broader testing strategy.

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