Snowy weekend at Drupal Mountain Camp 2019

This weekend I've been in Davos, Switzerland, attending again one of the most entertaining events in the Drupal panorama: the Drupal Mountain Camp. A weekend full of snow, cheese and Drupal discussions in an incredible landscape.

In this edition I spoke about the current state of the Drupal administration redesign, together with Sascha Eggenberger.

It was very productive because, apart from being able to share the experience we are having as designers when contributing to Drupal, we received very useful feedback for the whole initiative. In addition, several people started contributing during the sprints over the weekend. And again, the devirtualization of the discussions was very fruitful and we unlocked several points.

I was also lucky to participate in the panel discussion organized by Josef Dabering about contribution in open source. It was one of the most interesting debates I had over the weekend because I learned a lot from the points of view shared at business level, at a personal one or related to diversity. Some of the topics discussed were "models that work well to include the contribution of open source in the personal agenda", "ways to avoid the burnout of the maintainer" or "how to convince companies to allocate more time for contribution".

As in the previous edition, the social activities planned by the organization were an important added value: sledding, eating fondue on top of a mountain or watching an ice hockey game with the rest of the attendees helped to meet many attendees outside the usual context.

A takeaway I bring back is a statement made by Rachel Lawson: "do not wait to communicate or explain something until it’s perfect and finished because otherwise you will not have the necessary feedback to improve it". This, together with the feedback received by several people about not being easy to know the status of the Drupal Admin modernization initiative, makes it come back with the aim of improving our communication.

Wrapping up, it’s one of the camps that worth trying to attend. See you at the Drupal Mountain Field in 2021?