Our thoughts from DrupalCon Dublin 2016

Drupalcon trivia

By Amazee labs

One more year we had the chance to live the biggest European convention about Drupal. This year had a special vibe due to being the first European DrupalCon with a released stable version of Drupal 8 in our hands and there was a lot hope for future plans and the direction the project will take regarding other emergent technologies.

My main focus when I attend this kind of conferences is to be able to interact with other people. That is why I alway recommend the “Hallway track” (simply the chance to talk outside the rooms), BoFs (informal sessions) or talks where you not only have a lot of interest but also questions. Seating near the microphone is a great trick so you won’t be lazy at the end.

This year I even proposed a BoF to share experiences about the vim text editor so improvements can be included in the Drupal vim plugin which I recently became co-maintainer of.

We had another interesting BoF about automated testing leaded by Frank Carey from heliocore where some interesting ideas arised that I plan to introduce in our develepment process soon.

Aside from BoFs we also attended some sessions. Cristina specially liked the Core Conversation about the initiative to introduce a new theme in Drupal 8 core by @laurii because it got the attendees involved and was useful to bring the issue forward.


Moreover, Cristina gave a talk about Improving the Responsive Web Design Process in 2016 on the first slot of Tuesday. She did a general overview of the different topics that have changed in the latest years and some tips to apply in your day to day.



About backend talks we can highlight one about Elasticsearch by Florian Loretan that widened our horizons beyond the typical Solr index and another talk that reviews the possibilities of building sites that resist when the connection is not stable  and provide a web experience that is on par with any app that you install on your phone.

Social Events

The social events at every DrupalCon are the perfect moment to talk and get to know other members of the community. For example Women in Drupal, hat had a great attendance, or the Welcome Party organized by the local community. In any case one of the funniest events year after year is the Trivia Night, in which the community is divided into groups and compete to get who is the one with more with the most knowledge about Drupal anecdotes.



A great organization

And we can’t leave without thanking the Drupal Association, volunteers, sponsors and all the people that made possible to offer a DrupalCon above expectations while giving an excellent service with some aspects that are typically sensitive like wifi or food.

See you at the next Drupalevent!