Our summary of the amazing Drupal Dev Days

This last week our team has been in the Drupal Developer Days in Montpellier and it's been a great experience. We arrived at the venue on Monday afternoon right for sprinting a little bit and meet all the other sprinters.

On Tuesday I met the staff because during the event I helped as a volunteer. They were really well organized, specially during lunch, and it was funny being there joking and chatting with other volunteers. I'll try to volunteer again for sure!

I was also in the sprints and attended some sessions, and the ones I liked most were theming in Drupal 8 Frontend for Backenders by Laurii Skola, Drupal 8 Theming Deep Dive and Accessibility by Théodore Biadala.

During the first two days Pako participated on the frontend sprints, reviewing some twig and Bartik issues.

After that he assisted to the Display Suite workshop by Bram Goffings with Ramon and was able to see how ready it is to use in Drupal 8 and found out how to leverage the new architecture.

Also he assisted to a few sessions about different frontend topics. Pako and me agreed on finding especially useful to listen about accessibility and theming in Drupal 8 Frontend for Backenders, but also RWD images by Peter Droogmans, Styling in Drupal 8 by Tamás Hajas and JavaScript by Théodore Biadala.

Rodrigo focused on sprinting for the Multilingual initiative with the unvaluable help of Jennifer Hodgdon (jhodgdon) and tried to solve some usability issues for Drupal 8.

He also gave a talk on Friday about how we do code review at Ymbra (using mainly gerrit) and other tools available to do it. He is very grateful for the opportunity to talk about this topic and received some great feedback about it.



Regarding the sessions, Rodrigo paid close attention to Composer in the Drupal world in the sense that it can replace our current workflow of drush make and drush dl and help us in getting off the island.

Ramon focused on sprinting for Views and the Multilingual initiative doing reviews, testing some patches and creating a first approach patch for some architectural change in configuration translation for singular/plural strings.

About sessions, Ramon highlights webchick's keynote called Evolution of Drupal and Drupal community where she explains how Drupal changed from first official versions to the present and how the community grew during this years. At the end, she presented the goodies of Drupal 8 and what can you do to push this new version forward, helping with code or funding D8 accelerate program. It was a very interesting keynote for those who want to know more about how Drupal is getting bigger as a project with a growing community around.

Our team is also involved in the local group that helps in the organization of Drupalcon Barcelona 2015 and we'll trying to help Drupal people to get to Barcelona by bicycle. So we attend a BoF organized to make everything easier for Drupal people to enjoy a great ride along the sea shore and a finish line in Barcelona. Stay in touch with them in their twitter account.

During all the days people from the the staff organized different activities outside the venue to discover Montpellier and its landmarks in order to met other people from the Drupal community in a more relaxed environment. We discovered the old town in an awesome picnic for dinner and visited the contemporary art museum in the last day party under the moonlight of Montpellier.

We are very impressed with the organization of this event that is growing better every year. They were very toughtful with every detail, specially the critical ones like food and network connectivity.

They also prepared a very special closing session with live commiting, statistics about he event, auctions and very loud applauses for everyone involved in making #DrupalDevDays a wonderful experience.

See you next year!

More pictures by Josef Dabernig