Our experience at DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

During this past week, from September 21th to 25th, and during previous and post weekends with extended sprints and the training event, ocurred DrupalCon Barcelona 2015.

DrupalCon attendees

Our team, and specially Cristina who led the local community with Pedro Cambra, was involved in the organization of various activities around the main event. We helped organizing the Welcome Night (for which we were sponsors), the Tour de drupal arrival at the beach, extended sprints, Trivia Night and a little guide about la Mercè activities among other things.

First of all we want to say that extended sprints were a success because the choice of location (Makers Of Barcelona) and the attendance of a bunch of Drupal developers during the four days.

On Monday I attended the Business Summit where I participated in activities focused on improving skills as a team leader and made some networking in a business atmosphere.

That Monday was also organized the "First Time Attendee Social" focused, as explained by its name, in those people who attend a DrupalCon for the first time. They organized a little social game and a cocktail to know each other and make friends within the community.

On Tuesday started the conference with the awesome prenote, followed by the Dries note. This year he focused on self-criticism on the long process that is becoming the development of Drupal 8 and how we can recover momentum. It should be noted that during the keynote Dries made the expected announcement to take a release candidate during this October.

On Tuesday we presented our sessions. Cristina talked about "Component Driven Design and Development"; Rodrigo and Pedro Cambra about "Caring about quality as a team" and I talked about our experience in "Winning and delivering big projects from a small agency perspective".


As a summary, we want to higlight some sessions that we encounter very interesting:

And I don't want to forget the conversations and other talks during core conversations and the great discussions at BOFs.

And what can we say about the great Welcome Night, that we sponsored.

In general, it was a great week full of experiences and very special Drupal moments that we will remember for ever.

See you next year in Dublin and meanwhile, enjoy New Orleans and Mumbai.