Our experience at DrupalCamp Spain 2018

During the last weekend, we had the pleasure to attend Drupal Camp Spain 2018 one more year, the most important event of Drupal in Spain.

This year was celebrated on Alicante, at the cultural center ‘Las Cigarreras’.

Ymbra, as bronze sponsors and Nacho Salvador as volunteer organizer, we contributed our grain of sand to the Drupal Camp Spain 2018.

The Camp, lasted from Thursday to Sunday and started that Thursday with a free basic training session of Drupal, conducted by Forcontu. That Friday was the ‘Business Day’, where Ramon as CEO of Ymbra attended. The ‘Business day’ offered a discussion with the business point of view, sharing experiences and different views from participants.


On Saturday the sessions started, including Ramon, Rodrigo and Diego sessions, which had a very good reception. Ramon’s talk was about the methodology and experience making user stories for the client and the team. He talked about the process of creation of one user history and how to structure it well. In the other hand, Rodrigo and Diego talked about Docker, all the benefits we get for our development and the potential that this tool has to improve our team workflow. They also talked about the integration of Drupal with Docker and how this tool works.

On the first sessions day we were able to assist to some interesting sessions, like the one Preston So gave, where he talked about Drupal’s future and the adaptation to new technologies appearing year over year.

When the break ended we continued with the sessions, in my case I assisted to Laura Bonmati session, titled: What should I improve in my website? That talk was very interesting because she showed the impact that design and information architecture have over user behaviour in a web page.

The next talk was made by Zequi, who raised awareness over the importance and value of applying security patches to our Drupal. He did some live ‘hacking’ examples on a Drupal site, leveraging from the last bugs reported by the Drupal security team, which are already solved.


In the afternoon the sessions continued and we had some of ‘lightning’ type, short but intense. They talked about config split, showing a use case, also Drush and command creation or the value of JavaScript nowadays.

When the ‘lightning’ talks ended, Pedro González offered Saturday last session. He talked from the point of view of a Sysadmin and all the problematics that show up with the client and how avoid them.

On Saturday night we celebrated the party on Santa Bárbara’s castle, where we had food, drinks, live music and a nice ambient with a beautiful view of the city of Alicante.


On Sunday the sessions continued. Cristina and Carles talked about the integration of components on the Drupal content editing and Ramon participated in the Use Cases session talking about EBMT.

Also Nesta y Lara presented they session about the troubles that front-end and designer have when a design has to be applied to Drupal.

Finally, the camp concluded with a closing talk and letting glimpse of where will be the next Drupal camp Spain. We hope to see you soon on other Drupal event! See you next time!