Our experience at Drupalcamp Spain 2015 Jerez de la Frontera

We are very proud of having the tradition of attending Drupalcam Spain every year since it started. This year the amazing Jerez de la Frontera team had a lot of enthusiasm and prepared a very special event for the Drupal community.


I cannot help mentioning the venue for the Friday sprints, an old moorish fortress with amazing view from its walkable walls available for us during the whole day.

This time I had two joint sessions. One on Saturday about peer review with Juampy that received a lot of great feedback encouraged everyone to introduce better code quality on their projects as a team.

The other was a Drupal 8 multilingual workshop with Cathy Theys that contributors of the D8MI initiative have been presenting on camps and drupalcons around the world and allowed us to stablish some very basic but powerful concepts about handling your website in different languages. The attendees posed some challenging use cases that gave us the opportunity to show how powerful is the multilingual framework is on Drupal 8 compared to Drupal 7.

From the sessions I attended I can highlight the one about a real-life Drupal 8 experience by penyaskito and another on How to maintain a consistent attitude as a professional by Tacande.

There were also some BoFs about Drupalcon Barcelona and tour de drupal trying to involve the Spanish community.


One of the activities that she really liked was the Women in Tech session & BoF organized by Mon Franco and Cathy Theys. She met with the Spanish drupaleras and had the opportunity to learn from their experiences for the first time in a DrupalCamp.
She also gave a session about Component based Design and Development.


He presented the theming changes during his session about Drupal 8 and attended a few sessions where special remarked was the one about Devops concept presented by Pedro González where he talked about devops as a technical team attitude or philosophy instead of a new magical profile.


On Friday he attended the Business day organized on the Alcazar, an amazing moorsih fortress, where CTOs and CEOs shared their experiences and told about how they can improve their internationalization processes and how Drupal 8 will change their sales.

During the weekend he attended different sessions about the goodies of Drupal 8 and some bofs about the organization of DrupalCon Barcelona and the Global training days. He also presented a session about Drupal projects architecture.

Thanks to everyone for being there and the people at AED for being the key ingredients for making Drupal in Spain what it is today.

PS. The great group photo was made by Pedro Lozano Thank you!