A new business venture!

With this entry I release the new website of my last and final (?) Venture. After several attempts, in the music world and the world of computing, and some years of working as a freelancer, I ended up deciding to create a new company, Ymbra, to provide services based on Drupal. The company's undertaken with two traveling companions, Enrique and Ramon, whom I hope to continue to build good experiences and new learning.

Pessimists say that starting a business in times of crisis is a risk. Optimists see an opportunity. I would say also that in this country of ours, set up a business at a time of credit closure is unconsciousness, but here we are. Our initial investment, however, is limited to our knowledge of the raw material, drupal, and to our delusion, naturally. With this knowledge, this experience, I can say we started the company with a lot of work. Since the first day we have not stopped making proposals to prospective clients and not a day goes by that we do not think, and act on this thought, in the medium term. Because we intend to be the best. We have a long way, then, and we invite you to share it with us.