How we lived DrupalCamp Spain 2016

This past weekend we had the big pleasure of attending and enjoy, like we do every year, of DrupalCamp Spain 2016, the most important national Drupal event in Spain. This Drupalcamp happened in the city of Granada, at the Science park.

This year the event was longer than usual, having days with sprints since Tuesday. That made contributor attendance grow with the help of international mentors that traveled some days before.

On Friday the Business Day happened as is customary. Attendees, Ramon among them, had the chance of sharing knowledge and experience while doing networking and enjoy group dynamics to boost teamwork. All this with a bussiness point of view.

The same Friday the local group had the good idea of organizing a guided tour to Alhambra that showed us this beautiful Andalusian palace city. I want to do a special mention to the charm of this year host city that apart from the typical tapas we had the oportunitty of discovering some good restaurants like Hicuri or el Ojú.

The sessions started on Saturday, including Rodrigo about Behat and mine were I presented the niceties of Flexbox. Both had remarkable attendance and good feedback.

This year in the sessions we had a panel of highlighted developers that explained the state of of the art in Drupal 8 development. dasjo, dawehner, e0ipso, juampy, laurii, penyaskito and many more that really proved that Drupal 8 is a reality and the many advantages for drupalistas today.

From this first day I would like to highlight «Talk is cheap» by Pedro González aka NITEMAN where we had a debate about honesty (or lack of it) when you want to show your technology to the public and you are a technical person.

On Sunday after the night party sessions continued, with Ramon and Cristina's among them.

Ramon started with a joint session that displayed some Drupal success stories about the new web of Doctors without borders Spain that it will be released soon. The second one was about winning and delivering big projects from a small company perspective.

In her session Cristina explained how to improve the Responsive Web Design process, showcasing techniques and new concepts in this field.

The videos for the sessions will be available to play soon at the Spanish Drupal association Vimeo channel along with previous Drupalcamps.

Like everything good, almost without noticing, the end of Drupalcamp 2016 arrived. In the closing session the local group thanked the attendees and they received a great applause back for all the effort made for delivering such a great event with the help of the AED.

The sadness of the goodbye ended soon when the many upcoming Drupal events in Spain were announced: Drupal Summer Barcelona, Drupal Day in Santiago de Compostela and DrupalCamp Spain 2017, that will be held againin Madrid.

See you soon!

Thanks to DrupalCamp Spain 2016