Fronted United recap

This past weekend I’ve attended the Frontend United in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Although historically it was the conference for those dedicated to the frontend within the Drupal community, it evolved to serve a wider audience and now has top level frontend speakers from the frontend community at large.

This year the event started a few days before with the sprints. This has been great because we happened to meet with several people who will work on the redesign of the new Drupal administration interface, both on a design level and at an implementation level. In fact, as a result of what we’ve been talking these days we’ve decided to unite the two previously separated initiatives under one to unite forces and better coordinate ourselves. On one hand, we’re working on a design system that will serve as an umbrella for the entire Drupal administration and in a process that will allow us to test it. This system will be used both on the current administration and the new one built on React because they’ll have to coexist during the change process. On the other hand, the development has already because it’ll be a very long process, and it’s being coordinated by Sally Young, Matt Grill and Angie Byron.

I arrived a few days before the main event so I was able to participate in some of the organized activities to socialize with the rest of the attendees, such as the boat ride through the beautiful Utrecht canals. It’d like to point out that this event has been one of the best organized ones I’ve ever participated: more than 400 people attended Utrecht, but it was also livestreamed in Paramaribo (Suriname), Kigali (Rwanda), Pune (India) and Bangkok (Thailand).

This year I also participated as a speaker at the event and talked about Responsive Images and Art Direction, a topic that I had already spoken about in other events such as DrupalCon, but this time adapted for a less Drupal-specialized audience.

It has been a very productive event for Drupal contribution and has had first-level front end talks. But what I take home from these days at Utrecht (apart from stroopwafels) is that I’ve met more people from the community and the broader sector, I’ve shared experiences and seen how aligned we are in many aspects. So do not miss Frontend United next year!