DrupalCon Amsterdam Coding and Development track

While the American Drupalistas (and some brave travellers) are enjoying a fantastic DrupalCon in Austin, the Amsterdam organising comittee is working hard to produce the best European DrupalCon ever. This team is formed by Drupal Association staff and a group of volunteers, of which I am one, and at the moment we're in the process of getting session proposals and selecting the best possible content.

DrupalCon Paris 2009, photo by Chris Heuer

I've been attending all European DrupalCons since the Paris event in 2009 and some of the American ones too, and over the years I've helped the event in different ways. I've been an on-site volunteer - which is a great experience, totally recommended. I've given talks a couple of times and I've been part of the Drupal Association board.

For Amsterdam 2014 I'm involved in the session selection process as track chair of the Coding and Development track with the invaluable help of Cameron Tod and Larry Garfield.

We'll have several points of focus in the Coding and Development track, with Drupal 8 being the major one. Developers will need to be up to date and ready to work and understand the myriad of changes that the new version introduces, so sessions on Drupal 8 for Drupal 7 developers will be closely considered.

But we're not looking only for Drupal stuff. As we're increasingly adding new tools to our toolbox, we need content that exposes and explains how to make the most of all these methodologies and standards. Behavioural development, testing and software design for security will all have room in the track.

But that's not all! We've got a shiny brand new PHP track. We're not alone in the web, we're part of a larger PHP ecosystem, so we're looking also for a set of talks about becoming better PHP developers; about understanding new concepts and techniques that will have a direct impact in our performance as developers.

So, don't leave things to the last minute! The call for papers is open until midnight on June 13th. Go and submit one session (or two): https://amsterdam2014.drupal.org/submit-session.