DrupalCamp London 2014 sponsorhip

We're proud to announce that Ymbra will be sponsoring the Drupal Camp London 2014 that will be held from February 28th until Martch 2nd.

DrupalCamp London 2014

Drupal has a very rich and inspiring community and support it by contributing back is a core value for us. We're a usual sponsor in most events that are organised in Spain and with our brand new office in London, we're extending this commitment to the United Kingdom community, being present in as many events as we're able to attend, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Besides sponsoring, our very own Pedro Cambra will be talking about all these new features that are coming with Drupal 8 that might be overlooked at a first sight with his talk "Drupal 8: Undercover initiatives".

Hope to see you all around the camp in London!