Drupal Day Barcelona

We, at Ymbra, are glad to announce that next 18th June will take place on Citilab the first Drupal Day ever in Spain. The idea of having such an event was inspired by what we saw  when we went to Brussels' Drupal Dev Days, and has been maturing since then along with other companies and professionals, under Catalan Drupal Association's umbrella.

Drupal Day is an event by and for professionals, being them developers, designers, themers... It's an event for sharing knowledge, interests, talk about projects or ideas and, most of all, is a networking event.

What will you find?

In addition to meeting with most of professional drupalistas you'll find:

And here comes the best news, the prize: 0€! Yes, it will be completely free thanks to the sponsors and to Citilab, so we don't want anyone having an excuse not to join us. Oh, and you'll have a unique oportunitie to buy a teddy Druplicon only available for this event.

If you have already made up your mind you can sign-up. on Drupal Day's website: there's only room for 150 attendees!