The Drupal Business & Community Days travel

The Drupal event season has already started and this past weekend was the Business & Community Drupal Days in Heidelberg, a new Drupal event in Germany. The uniqueness of this one was that the activities were separated on 2 tracks: the Business Days and Community Days, which I attended. The format was similar to the Drupal Dev Days (based on contribution sprints) with local attendess and people from across Europe participating.

The community event focused on the core, translations and D8 User Guides. The activities were from Friday to Sunday and there were participants from all levels and profiles. Here is the list of the tagged issues for the event.

The venue was held at the Heidelberg International Youth Hostel which was also the official accommodation. This allowed us to be together all day and created a great atmosphere.

Something I really liked was the proportion of women attendees. That was a plus!

Organizers took care of having coffee and drinks available at all times and meals happened at the same venue so we only had to worry about work. They even prepared a barbecue on Saturday afternoon! The organization guided some activities in Heidelberg city center so we discovered a little the true local life. The people behind the event did a great job making the weekend a success, so you should really schedule it next year!

My next Drupal event is going to happen only 2 weeks form now: DrupalCamp Spain in Granada where we'll meet with all the Spanish community in one of the most known European drupalcamps. Just a few days after that I'm flying to Drupalcon in New Orleans, then Frontend United in Ghent and finally the Drupal Summer in Barcelona. See you there?