Dancing the Drupalcon Vienna Waltz

This year we had the pleasure to attend the beautiful city of Vienna to join the Drupal community for a week of sharing and developing our knowledge, experiences and joy.

This occasion was special because it will be the only Drupalcon in Europe in the next two years. But the European community has shown is strong and it will continue forward and organize amazing events all around Europe while preparing to achieve a sustainable Drupalcon.

What we extracted from the Dries keynote about the Drupal project is that Drupal 8 is here for the long run and it has been through a drastic transformation to be able to react to the changes happening in the whole technological industry. As a consequence of that Drupal now is more recommended for ambitious digital experiences since there is better competitors covering the lower end part of the market.

The keynote on Wednesday was very eye-opening posing a lot of questions about how we tried to build a utopian internet but day to day we are faced with news about privacy violations, abuse of power and other threats. She advocates for more human internet with a Cyber Bill of Rights that guarantees protection from wrongdoing.

My main takeaways from the sessions I attended covering Drush 9, PHPUnit, Docker and PHP debugging is that a lot parts of the development process can be automated. We can deliver a lot of value for all the stakeholders and remove a lot of boring parts from processes from coding to testing or building a dummy site for your clients. This principle was also summed up in the talk Automate your automation. I also participated in some Bof for initiatives aiming to replace the dated IRC protocol as a communication tool for the community or learning how the improvements on drupal.org happen according to the priorities of the Drupal association.

Cristina was the Frontend local track chair for this DrupalCon. After months working with the program team she was finally able to meet most of the speakers. She also had one session about Responsive Images and Art direction in Drupal 8, participated on several BoF related to Usability in Drupal and also in the sprints related to the Out of the Box initiative and the Umami theme.

And that was our recap for what happened the past week. We want to thank all the Drupalcon team, the volunteers and the Austrian Drupal community for organizing a great event and we hope to see you all at the many European DrupalCamps, Drupal Dev Days, Frontend United or just in the issue queue.

PD: If you also want to be part of this remember at Ymbra we have open positions and we offer free time that you can use to collaborate with the community.