Barcelona Drupal developer days 2012

As if you didn't know yet, the next European Drupal Developer Days will be held in Barcelona on 15th, 16th and June 17th, 2012 at the Citilab of Cornellà.

For three days in June 2012, Barcelona, ​​and more specifically, Citilab Cornellà, will be the focus of attention of the international Drupal community. Here we find both professional and amateur Drupal across Europe to talk, discuss, plan and create hundreds of new ideas about this fantastic software. There will be sessions and workshops led by leading experts, code sprints with leaders (at the moment Gábor Hojtsy will lead a Drupal 8 multilingual initiative sprint -D8MI- during all week), translations and so on.

Like Pedro did a while ago, I remind you if you want to help and collaborate, you can get in touch with me, with Pedro or directly from home page. We need lots of help!

For now, we are developing the web with COD and opened a sandbox for developing the theme (here we need lots of help to do a god work).

At the moment, you can visit the landing web waiting the final web to go online.

You'll lose the opportunity to be part of such an event? Collaborate and participate!